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Precious Paws Rescue

Registered Name: Precious Paws Rescue Inc.

Business No: 812897668RR0001

We are an all breed dog rescue. Since 2006 we have been dedicated to saving the lives of homeless dogs through a volunteer foster program.

Precious Paws Rescue


Precious Paws Rescue was founded in December 2006 and is based in Simcoe County, Ontario. We do not operate a shelter facility; all of the dogs that we accept into rescue are fostered with volunteers in this area. Precious Paws was officially incorporated as a non-profit in Ontario in 2010 and then as a registered charity in 2019 and we are 100% volunteer.

We receive daily requests for rescue help from animal shelters and also from owners who are no longer able to care for their dogs. Precious Paws accepts all breeds, all sizes and all ages, we are limited only by the foster spaces we have available and by monetary funds. Foster homes, volunteers and donations are always greatly appreciated so be sure to contact us to see how you can get involved. 

Precious Paws Rescue ensures that each and every dog we rescue has full veterinary care provided prior to adoption. This includes (but is not limited to) full age-appropriate vaccinations, fecal test and deworming, wellness bloodwork and heartworm test, spay/neuter and microchip. We believe that no dog should be adopted out unaltered (unless there is a medical reason prohibiting this) so we practice pediatric spaying and neutering for all puppies that enter our rescue as well. Often the dogs we rescue require additional veterinary treatments to prepare them for adoption and most dogs that we take in end up costing the rescue much more than the adoption fee recovers. For this reason we host fundraisers and donation drives throughout the year so that we are able to continue being available for the dogs who need us most.

In 2015 we started “Loved At Home” – a fund that endeavors to keep more families together when medical emergencies arise with beloved pets. Sometimes good pet owners fall on hard times and are unable to afford an injury or acute illness with a pet. Most often those owners are forced to euthanize their companion or surrender them to a shelter or rescue to ensure they receive the care they need. Precious Paws would prefer to keep well cared for dogs out of the shelter/rescue “system” and we created Loved At Home to do just that. When funds are available, we will provide pet owners with the money needed to assist with emergency veterinary care, so that dogs don’t lose the family they love and so that there are fewer dogs in need of shelter/rescue assistance. 

Precious Paws Rescue has grown a great deal from the one foster/volunteer that we started out with. Because of dedicated volunteers, generous supporters and committed adopters, we have been fortunate enough to directly change the lives of many, many dogs since we started. Our hope is to continue to provide relief to the dogs that need us most for many years to come.

Our Mission Statement:

To improve the quality of life for animals in need through foster care and adoption programs, comprehensive veterinary care, behavioural assessments and training, and public education.


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