Pregnancy & Wellness Centre of Moncton Inc.

Registered Name: Pregnancy & Wellness Centre of Moncton Inc.

Business Number: 119044287RR0001

Our Mission

Mission Statement

The Pregnancy & Wellness Centre of Moncton values human life by caring for, supporting and equipping women and families.

About Pregnancy & Wellness Centre of Moncton Inc.

The Pregnancy & Wellness Centre of Moncton is a non-profit agency and needs your financial support to maintain and expand these essential services. All of our services are free to the clients. We offer parenting classes, clothing, plus diapers and baby food on an emergency basis as well as limited health care services. Our Nurse Manager is on staff Monday to Thursday to offer STI testing as well as medical confirmation of pregnancy with option of ultrasound. It does not generate income from the clients it serves or from government funds. It is affiliated with CAPSS (Canadian Association of Pregnancy Support Service), with over 71 affiliated Canadian Centres.

What People Are Saying

"I appreciate you so much! I was so stressed and it's so hard being a single Mom. Thank you so much. I love it here! You've made my day."

— PWC client

""I have a counselor, but she just lectures me and doesn't really listen. You guys really care and I come here and share everything and go home feeling better."

— PWC client

"My baby and I would like to thank you for everything you do for us as its a huge help. I am so grateful for the volunteers and everyone who donates to the centre. Thank you for all you do for myself and my little baby."

— PWC client

"I came here because I knew you wouldn't judge.""

— PWC Client

""I was shocked and scared. I wondered if I should terminate.""

— PWC client

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