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Expanding our Paw Print Capital Campaign

Campaign Ends June 1, 2021

Building Health & Wellness for Companion Animals in P.E.I.

The PEI Humane Society envisions a standard of excellence in all aspects of animal welfare and shelter care. The Expanding Our Paw Print capital campaign will help us create a safe and welcoming facility that promotes the health of the companion animals in our care and across the province.

 A dozen kittens at the PEI Humane Society became sick with fading kitten syndrome last December. The reason? Cold temperatures inside the shelter. The community rallied, bringing space heaters and warming pads to keep the kittens warm around the clock. While these tremendous efforts saved the lives of the kittens, the young cats needed six extra weeks to recuperate. This story underlines the critical role a facility plays in the health of the animals inside. Our mission is to promote quality of life for companion animals. We must have a building that does the same.   

Our facility was built in 1993, thanks to a generous gift that financed much of its construction. It was a tremendous improvement over the previous building, but animal health professionals have since gained a deeper understanding of the critical relationship between environment and health. Now, principles of shelter design focus on creating an environment that reduces animal stress, controls disease and promotes overall wellness. Redesigning our shelter will address critical issues like air quality, temperature and disease control — while helping us to provide the best possible environment for care. 

Simply put, a redesigned building will save lives. Here are just a few examples:

  • Managing cat numbers and space will reduce illness and increase adoptions. Cats stressed by overcrowding become prone to upper respiratory infections, which can be fatal. These infections also spread more easily in crowded conditions. Preventing overcrowding and locating cats away from dogs will therefore decrease stress, prevent illness and improve adoption potential.
  • Creating safer spaces and expanding training for high-behavioural dogs will reduce stress and further damage to their mental health. These dogs will then have more chance to thrive and become pets.
  • Providing proper space for rabbits, pocket pets, and birds will reduce stress and disease — improving the health and adoption potential of these animals. They now all share a 10-by-12-foot room.

Understanding of animal behaviour has grown phenomenally. This greater understanding helps in the rehabilitation of animals that come from unfortunate or even grave situations. While the numbers of animals in our care has not increased, our facilities and our shelter practice must change to respond to the changing needs of the animals in our care.

A review of our Sherwood Road facility indicates it has good bones, and a redesign would cost significantly less than a new building. That said, major renovations are needed to address concerns about air quality, temperature and animal stress.

You can help us achieve excellence in shelter care for lost and abandoned companion animals. A gift of any amount will help us create a safe, welcoming building where our team can assess and address health and behaviour concerns and improve outcomes for all animals in our care.

Paw Care Board

Protectors — $75,000 +                                 

Champions — $25,000-74,999

Leaders — $10,000-$24,999

Builders — $5,000-$9,999

Friends — $1000-$4,999

Contact us today to learn more about the Expanding Our Paw Print Campaign.  Naming opportunities are available.  The PEI Humane Society will accept gifts of securities or real estate.  Pledges to the campaign can be made up to a five year period. 

Contact Jennifer Harkness, Development Manager at 902-892-1190, ext 24

You won't change the world by saving an animal but you will change that whole animal's world

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