Princen Sammy Foundation

Registered Name: Princen Sammy Eduful & Herty Foundation

Business Number: 786844324RR0001

Princen Sammy foundation is a duly registered charity,headquarters in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and is committed to enhancing the well-being of the communities by providing food, affordable housing, free prescription drugs program and  other basic necessities of life, such as clothing, footwear, medical supplies & equipment for individuals, seniors, low income families, children, youth, homeless people, newcomers, refugees and persons with disabilities, in order to promote & create an inclusive, friendly working environment for all.

But in response to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus)pandemic facing the country is having a profound  and devastating impact on our service volunteers, operational  and financial capacities, therefore, we're humbly asking you if could provide  an immediate  relief assistance of any amount from your heart to provide temporary financial assistance to meet urgent needs to be able to deliver relevant programs & services to the communities, in which we serve.

As part of an effort to enhancing the quality of life and the capacities at risk and vulnerable young people in the communities, by providing youth  empowerment & skills  dev  programs for the young graduates, between the ages of 15-30.

Providing relief  & support services, basket of food, gift cards for grocery, free prescription drugs program, and referral Services, include resources such as housing support, appointment, errand and counseling services, aimed at fighting poverty, and transform the lives of  individuals, children, youth, families, single mothers, homeless people and seniors.

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