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Building Roof Repair


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Building Roof Repair

Your church needs your help!

Before the Pro-Cathedral of the Assumption, our church was called St. Mary's by the Lake.  The Pro-Cathedral was built in 1904 and and now over 118 years old.  A landmark for our wonderful City of North Bay, Ontario, Canada.  As with any structure, our current roof is now over 40 year old roof has now suffered significant water damage. Our repeated repairs and maintenance now warrant the replacement of our roof. The time for us to care for our home and implement a restoration plan is upon us.

Phase 1 $150,000 Masonry Testing and Investigation, Monitor Leaks, Cathedral Roof Framing Repairs

Phase 2 $525,000 (2 Years) Bellfry Repairs, Louvre Upgrades, Roofing Replacement, Masonry Restoration, Ladder and Stair Access Improvements

Phase 3 $250,000 (5 Years)  Cathedral Roof Replacement

Your help is needed.  Together, we can do it!