Gospel Art Productions

Registered Name: Productions Art Gospel / Gospel Art Productions

Business Number: 805301660RR0001

Gospel Art Productions, founded by Francois Bergeron over 15 years ago is used to help others understand the message of the gospel through a unique way of storytelling and chalk. To this day it is successfully used throughout different communities in cities as a form of outreach.

 Chalk Art is creatively used in a very unique way to illustrate a final portrayal of the gospel message in the Bible through storytelling under black lights. It possesses a hint of magic as Francois manipulates the chalk to unveil the hidden colours that express the beauty and profoundness of the message of Jesus' love for humanity. Travelling from city to city, country to country and town to town, Francois along with his team are passionately propelled to share the gospel with just tiny pieces of chalk.


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