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PAWS Canada

Registered Name: Progressive Animal Welfare Services Inc.

Business No: 827126285RR0001

PAWS is a volunteer-run organization dedicated to supporting the welfare of humans and their animal companions.

PAWS Canada


About Us

Progressive Animal Welfare Services (PAWS) helps pets who would otherwise not receive veterinary care.

We focus on prevention to reduce the number of pets on the street, pressure on animal control and euthanasia.

PAWS is a volunteer-run, non-profit charity based in Southwestern Ontario dedicated to supporting the welfare of humans and their animal companions. We aim to prevent suffering, overpopulation, and unnecessary euthanasia or surrender to shelters and animal control organizations.

We collaborate with clinics offering essential veterinary services to subsidize care for pets under the care of low-income or in-crisis guardians:

  • vaccinations
  • spays & neuters
  • blood tests and diagnostics
  • treatment for infections, injuries, blockages, minor surgery
  • other veterinarian-recommended treatments

Why Do We Do What We Do?

Even on a good day, covering veterinary expenses to ensure the health and well being of pets is a stretch for many Canadians - but these past few years have been unprecedented. Soaring unemployment, increases in domestic violence and long term financial insecurity has made it tougher than ever for struggling families to protect their furry loved ones.

The result? More cases of preventable animal disease and death, more animals surrendered to shelters, and more pet-specific violence. Support services across Ontario are overwhelmed; veterinary clinics have been flooded with requests for subsidized services, animal shelters are at capacity, and women are delaying seeking shelter from violence because of a lack of options for their companion animals.  

We believe that all of this suffering - human and animal - is preventable. This financial support enables families to remain healthy, safe and together over the long term. Our goal is to create a better quality of life for companion animals and those who love them, and you can help!

Our Work

PAWS helps:

  • Keep pets with families despite crisis and health issues, regardless of income level
  • Reduce surrenders of animals to shelters
  • Reduce medically unnecessary euthanasia
  • Reduce animal suffering and future cost by treating illness promptly
  • Reduce the number of unwanted births via proactive spay/neuters
  • Prevent spread of illness via preventive vaccinations

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30 Redford Rd.

London, ON, N5X 3V6

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