PACT de rue

Registered Name: Projet ado communautaire en travail de rue

Business Number: 131248015RR0001

Our Mission

PACT de rue, focuses its mission on young people aged between 12 and 25 years old coming from all cultural backgrounds and who are living difficult situations (such as poverty, broken families, violence, drug abuse, prostitution etc.) which can lead them to the streets.

About PACT de rue

The street worker is a social worker whose job involves taking action directly on the field, to serve as a bridge between the kids having problems, the neighbourhood and the traditional help networks which are available to them (community organizations, CLSCs, hospitals, homeless shelters, job resource centres etc.).

Our ACTIONS aim to educate, inform, and sensitize, while allowing dialogue and cooperation.


School and society dropouts;

Drug abuse;

Rights and responsibilities;

Love relationships;

Sexual health: contraception and sexually transmitted infections;

Violence and delinquency.

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