Prologue Performing Arts


Business Number: 119105476RR0001


We are a charitable, not-for-profit arts education organization that is dedicated to facilitating opportunities for young people to experience the performing arts within Ontario.

We provide a wide range of diverse programming in English and French for schools and communities with a roster of performing artists specializing in dance, theatre, music, musical theatre, opera, storytelling, spoken word and puppetry.


For 50 years, Prologue Performing Arts has been broadening the horizons of students in Ontario by introducing them to the world of the performing arts.

It all started in 1966 around a kitchen table, when five young mothers shared their dream about giving access to the best in the performing arts to ALL children in Ontario. As volunteers with different arts organizations, including Young Peoples’ Theatre, the Canadian Opera Company and The National Ballet of Canada, these dedicated women founded one of Ontario’s most important resources in Arts and Education. In that first year, Prologue placed 81 performances in Ontario schools, reaching over 24,000 students; in the second year, those numbers doubled.


Prologue delivers over 1,700 performances and workshops in English, French, and Bilingual formats reaching over 500,000 young people in 175 communities across Ontario at an average performance cost of less than $3.00 per student.  Prologue represents an average of 38 artist companies or 100 individual artists per year.


To increase access to live performing arts experiences for young people

We achieve this through:

  • Connecting young people and educators to the work of artists in schools and public/community venues;
  • Advocating for equal access to the arts for all young people as a fundamental part of their education; and
  • Collaborating with artists to present a wide range of engaging and accessible programming.


  • The performing arts play a vital role in the development of healthy, creative and responsible members of a diverse society
  • Exposure to the performing arts enhances the development of self-expression, critical and imaginative thinking and communication skills
  • All young people and families are entitled to equal access to the performing arts


  • Equity and accessibility for all young people to discover and explore the performing arts
  • Diversity in all its social, cultural and geographic manifestations
  • Quality in the experience, artistry and level of engagement
  • Partnerships with strategically-aligned organizations and institutions

What People Are Saying

"I hope you receive the gift of immortality and live or exist forever and never falter once because presenting these plays for us all creates precious memories for every school and child that experiences your work. "

— Brigitte, Student, Kimberley Junior PS

"Prologue has extended the reach of my work immeasurably... because while I could count the hundreds of students I reached, they gave me the energy to reach them by taking on the organizational labour. This has allowed me to actually focus on art - to spend time in art, rather than around art."

— Trevor Copp, Artistic Director, Tottering Biped Theatre

" I love the fact that this is a bilingual show [Nathalie Vachon]; the children thoroughly understood the stories and were able to use their knowledge of French. What a perfect way to promote the French language!"

— Joanne Charbonneau, Teacher, Pineland Public School

"They were so professional and brought a balance of understanding First Nations People through words, stories and dance. Our students came away saying "that was amazing!" And our staff came away thrilled with the quality of information and performance. (Tribal Vision) "

— Karen Winters, Music Teacher, Plowman's Park Public School

"They [Prologue] have facilitated meaningful arts education experiences for thousands of schools and communities over the years...They not only help us as individual artists but also lift up the entire arts education sector with their vision and advocacy."

— Chris McKhool, Prologue Artist

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