Business Number: 141222505RR0001

Our Mission

PROMIS is an intercultural organization whose goals are to provide integration assistance to immigrants and refugees. In response to clearly expressed needs, the organization has, throughout the years, established various services and activities.


• To operate a center that offers services of assistance, education and social activities to the most deprived people in our society.

• To organize meetings, workshops, and conferences on subjects which favor a better integration and adaptation to Quebec society.

• To demonstrate our solidarity towards immigrants, refugees, women, and the most underprivileged people of our society, and to work efficiently in their interests to help them achieve their social advancement.

• To develop a sense of mutual aid within a community framework.

• To defend and help people who are facing distressful situations.


Founded in year 1988, PROMIS organization offers diverse services and activities to satisfy the clearly expressed needs of the community, through a global integration approach. Our services and activities are offered to all the Island of Montreal’s newcomers. However, certain services are mainly addressed to residents of the Côte-des-Neiges district. Eight services under one roof designed to guide and support immigrants through the process of integration into Quebec society :

  1. welcoming and settlement
  2. French courses (full and part-time courses)
  3. Employment Integration in Montreal
  4. Regionalization (settlement in a Quebec region to live, study, work or start a business)
  5. School tutorial (for primary and high school students)
  6. Family Support
  7. Food security projects (collective kitchens workshops, Good Food Good Box, community garden, bread counter)
  8. Guest House for women  (short, medium and long stays).

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