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Help Canadians to Diminish their Debt!


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Help Canadians to Diminish their Debt!

Prosper Canada is supporting Canadians struggling financially to diminish their debt with the help of our Dealing with debt resource.


Millions of Canadians are living with debt, and many are struggling to pay it back. Inflation, food and housing costs are making the situation even worse forcing some Canadians to use personal loans to afford groceries and everyday expenses.


It doesn’t have to be this way.


Fortunately, there are organizations whose mission is to help people in financial distress get themselves back on level ground. Prosper Canada is proud to deliver financial empowerment training and resources through a national network of 14 local, non-profit, Financial Empowerment Champion (FEC) organizations that are Canada’s leaders in providing high quality, free financial help to people with low-incomes. One key tool being used by FEC’s is Prosper Canada’s Dealing with debt booklet. The booklet provides activities to help manage debt, identify money priorities, calculate what is owed and strategize how to pay it back. The worksheets can be completed independently, in a sequence that works best, but working with a trusted financial coach or credit counsellor if possible is recommended. For many organizations however, who are often underfunded, finding the budget to purchase these booklets is a challenge.


You can help.


By donating $290 you will be enabling an organization to receive a box of 50 booklets, allowing the Dealing with debt resource to get into the hands of those who need it most. 

I always love to have professional materials to give out to my learners as it helps to be able to acknowledge their willingness to learn and grow. Money; financial literacy, continues to be a very sensitive topic for many; sharing with others that one is having difficulty is a HUGE step to overcome. Thank you, Prosper Canada, for these booklets” Cariboo Literacy 
With your support we can supply these booklets to our FEC’s and other smaller charities who are helping our most vulnerable to get a handle on their debt, before it's too late.
The Diminish their debt campaign is aiming to raise $5,000, help us achieve our mission by donating any amount towards the purchase of a box of Dealing with debt booklets for organizations in need.
All donations will receive a tax receipt.
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