Prostate Cure Foundaton

Registered Name: Prostate Cure Foundation

Business Number: 805140951RR0001

Prostate Cure Foundation funds research that helps men in their lifetime.

The PCF is a national charity focused on improving cure rates and reducing side effects for men with prostate cancer. Created by a circle of noted oncologists, we are the only organization in Canada focused solely on funding treatment innovation research – the kind of clinical research that uses known treatment methods in sometimes visionary new ways to achieve improved results.

Currently, just 3-4% of national prostate cancer funding is devoted to clinical research as a whole. PCF seeks to fill this void, so that the on-the-ground innovations that will make a difference today can be tested, and if validated, become new standards of care.

Most recently, PCF co-sponsored the SABR Prostate Trial, which reduces radiation therapy treatments from the current standard of 39 sessions to just five. Some of SABR’s many promising benefits are detailed on Canada Helps under Impact.

All our funded research is aimed at producing breakthrough results for men within 4-6 years. Since men with prostate cancer live an average of 15 years before the disease begins to threaten their lives, our focus helps ensure “a cure in your lifetime.”

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