Prostate Cure Foundaton

Registered Name: Prostate Cure Foundation

Business Number: 805140951RR0001

Prostate Cure Foundation funds research that helps men in their lifetime.

The PCF was created by a group of oncologists to invest in what we call “treatment innovation research.” This is a type of clinical research, that is research that is done using people as the research subject, not rats or cell lines. This research takes known treatment methods and innovates to produce breakthroughs for men within 4-6 years. Specifically, our aim is to achieve higher cure rates with fewer side effects. 

Currently, only 3-4% of national prostate cancer funding is devoted to clinical research as a whole. This makes it almost impossible for talented clinicians to get funding for treatment innovation. PCF is the only organization in Canada dedicated to funding this kind of research. Men with prostate cancer live an average of 15 years before the disease begins to threaten their lives. Treatment innovation is the key to finding a cure for them rather than a possible new therapy for their sons courtesy of basic research.

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