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Strength Is Providence

Rehabilitation. Long-term care. Palliative care. Community Programs. Providence Healthcare continues to be a leader in providing care in these specialties. The need to better understand the issues facing our geriatric patients has never been greater.

At Providence, we believe society’s definition of strength is incomplete.

We believe that strength is ageless, limitless, genderless and both physical and mental. Strength isn’t just who can lift the most weight or win the most championships. Strength is in our ability to be vulnerable, to bounce back from adversity and have the courage to rely on others in times of weakness. Strength is taking a first step after an accident, cooking dinner for family after a stroke, and having the power to overcome our internal saboteurs that tell us we can’t keep going. Strength is in all of us – we just don’t know it yet.

That’s why we do what we do at Providence. We push you, motivate you and believe in you – even when you don’t – challenging you to see how much strength is really within you.

Donate to Providence to help inspire strength in our patients and community.