Provision Charitable Foundation

Registered Name: Provision Charitable Foundation

Business Number: 843218249RR0001

Provision Charitable Foundation is 100% committed to creating a happy, healthy and educated community in the Morogoro District of Tanzania. The Morogoro District of Tanzania has one of the highest rates of epilepsy in the world and it has been our mission to help those affected by epilepsy, to live as normal of a life as they possibly can.We work directly with community leaders to understand the local needs, and visit regularly to ensure our projects are following protocols and will leave a lasting impact. Since our journey began in 2009, we have been improving the lives of the people in the Morogoro District by providing healthcare, education, and sustainable employment options. It is our goal to challenge the stigma of epilepsy as well as to create an environment where those affected can truly thrive.

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