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Pueblo Science

Registered Name: Pueblo Science

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Teacher training workshops in Canada and around the world

Campaign Ended Feb. 28, 2019


Pueblo Science is a Toronto-based charity with goals to: 1) advance science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education in low-resource communities globally; and 2) improve the long-term capacity of such communities to design and utilize innovations that can address region-specific concerns. To do so, we provide easy-to-use learning kits comprised of affordable, locally-available materials, train and support elementary- and high school-teachers, and collaborate with ministries of education to improve science curricula.

Pueblo Science will develop and deliver a comprehensive training program for teachers in the Philippines, Jamaica and Guyana. We will develop experiential STEM learning kits, tailored specifically to the curricula and infrastructure of these countries, and collaborate with the Ministries of Education to organize and deliver training sessions for 1,000 science teachers in May, July and August 2019.

There exists a clear need to strengthen teaching competencies and skills of science teachers in Canada and around the world. We believe that the provision of ongoing professional support is crucial, and will reinforce foundational knowledge, improve teaching strategies, and allow for further inclusion of experiential learning.

Pueblo’s programs focus exclusively on STEM, with our key advantages being our rich technical expertise, teacher training experience, and strong in-house R&D capabilities to develop innovative activities and learning kits. Pueblo Science trainings are delivered by professional scientists with advanced graduate degrees in science and engineering and years of teaching experience. By providing teachers with fun and engaging tools, we aim to effect meaningful change in the science teaching culture across the developing world.


The provision of experiential learning and teaching tools offer a long-lasting solution to educational disparity, particularly in low-resource settings. The proposed project aims to create a “portable” educational model for use in diverse settings without constraints of geography nor equipment.

The objectives for the 2019 outreach program include:

  • Collaborating with Ministries of Education and local teachers to design experiential STEM learning kits for schools in the Philippines, Jamaica and Guyana
  • Developing learning kits to cover topics in chemistry, physics, biology and math that are both appropriate for the local teaching curriculum and relevant to students’ daily lives
  • Training local teachers to use the kits in their own classrooms, as well as how to construct them from locally-available, low-cost materials
  • Providing teachers with available online resources to help engage their students
  • Inspiring students to develop an interest in STEM through hands-on activities in the form of three-day camps
  • Providing mentorship opportunities for teachers who wish to run STEM clubs and science fairs
  • Empower teachers to train other teachers to utilize more effective pedagogy

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