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Our Mission

Puppetmongers' aim is to explore and advance the theatrical possibilities of puppetry to promote the art of puppetry by making our new and broader definition of puppetry into a widely accepted part of theatre. Our definitions encompasses all objects manipulated for a theatrical purpose be they representational or nonrepresentational, including the scenic elements and live performers when used as objects. We create something never seen before, yet accessible because it is grounded within recognizable traditions. By exploring stories with meaning and placing the work in a contemporary context, we delight and engage the consciences of our audiences. We challenge our audiences' expectations of puppetry, of what they might see at the theatre, and ultimately about what life has to offer. Our desire is that our work will contribute to a humanist, supportive and accepting society.


Puppetmongers was established in 1974 by the sister and brother team of Ann Powell and David Powell. Between 1974 and 1989, we toured our shows for family audiences extensively to most major Canadian and US centres as well as in the UK, France, Belgium, Germany and Iran. Since 1990 we have focused on working nearer home, with the addition of short tours to festivals and theatre runs further afield. We create larger, more theatrical shows, involving many artists and self-produce our works in theatres. We have ventured into puppetry for adult audiences with several productions and work with other artists, such as on in composer R. Murray Schafer's Palace of the Cinnabar Phoenix. Most recently we mounted Charles Dickens’ Hard Times. We founded The School of Puppetry in 1996 with courses for adults, as a vehicle for disseminating our vision. This season the course is being incorporated into Humber College’s new Puppet Intensive Program.

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