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Registered Name: Purinapaq - Mobility Without Borders

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At Purinapaq, our mission is to provide mobility assistance to people with disabilities living in underprivileged conditions. The gift of mobility can provide individuals with independence, self-confidence and allow for re-engagement in their respective societies. The quality of life for those living with disabilities is unimaginably difficult in many developing countries. It's bittersweet to know that a wheelchair can make such a life-changing difference for individuals who would otherwise be confined to their homes.

Since 2007, Puri Napaq has donated 21 full-sized shipping containers of mobility equipment to countries like Peru, Cuba, Ecuador, Panama and Philippines, where these items are scarce or non-existent.  Last year in 2021, with your generous support, we achieved our goal of sending three 40’ shipping containers full of mobility and rehab devices to Camaguey, Cuba.  Gently used powered and manual wheelchairs, hospital beds, canes, crutches, commode/shower chairs, medical supplies and others.

In Camaguey, we recently established a program with the Archbishopric, a fully outfitted workshop named “De la mano contigo” (with your helping hands) to refurbish, adapt, set up and maintain each device and piece of equipment for it's recipient.

Our mandate for this year is to send five shipping containers to Cuba and other regions in Latin America.  We have already sent one container in early May of this year (2022) and we have only just begun.

With your generous support we will continue our much needed work in these regions. We are requesting funding for transportation, replacement parts, batteries, tools and accessories.  Please give generously, so we can continue to give the Gift of Mobility to those in need. All donations either monetary or re-purposed equipment are eligible for a tax receipt, so please give generously.


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