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Save QVCC's Housing Program

Registered Name: Downtown Blanshard Advisory Committee

Business No: 101476083RR0001

Save QVCC's Housing Program

Our Housing Program has supported upwards of 700 people since it started in 2022. We are asking those that are able, to help us match the $25,000 Emergency Grant from the City of Victoria to continue providing vital housing support to the Greater Victoria Area.

Our program supports single adults and couples who are either at risk of homelessness, or recently unhoused. We value and emphasize prevention tactics to try and alleviate the high increase of our homeless population by working with community members to keep them housed. Additionally, we do our best to offer supports and advocacy to folks who are currently experiencing some degree of homelessness.

We have been struggling since the inception of this amazing program to secure more sustainable and long term funding. We are hoping that is where you come in. We are calling on those in our community who have the ability to spare some funds, to consider donating to our Housing Program so we can continue to deliver this service, and to continue our efforts towards alleviating homelessness in our community. 

For further information you can visit the Housing page on our website, or send an email to the Housing Outreach Coordinator at