Quinte Museum of Natural History

Registered Name: Quinte Region Natural History Museum

Business Number: 801549577RR0001

Our Mission:

To inspire the discovery, conservation and  stewardship of our natural heritage

The Nature Campaign

The Nature Campaign is the $15 million fundraising campaign to create the Quinte Museum of  Natural History. It relies on cultural investment from all levels of government and meaningful donor participation to reach the campaign goal. 

Why Does The Nature Campaign Matter?

We are caretakers of our natural world.

It is our responsibility to be effective stewards of our planet by understanding the events that have shaped life into the diversity of forms we see today - and those organisms that are lost to time.

Education is paramount to influencing public awareness, establishing a world-class museum is the first step to achieving this. The experiences provided by our museum will be instrumental in illustrating the importance of biodiversity, conservation, and the preservation of natural habitats to students and the general public. Scientific literacy is a necessary ingredient to building a society that values, cherishes, and protects our natural world.

Government support and donors are key to the success of The Nature Campaign and will be the foundation through which all educational, scientific, and cultural goals will be achieved.

Governments and donors have the extraordinary opportunity to create a new museum, deliver  world-class experiences for students, public and visitors and care for our unique natural history specimen collections that will be unrivaled in Eastern Ontario.

Your support matters.

Join us in acting now on behalf of nature. 

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