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Feeding Calgary's Marginalized During COVID-19


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Feeding Calgary's Marginalized During COVID-19

Feed the Hungry for almost 30 years has offered a nutritious Sunday dinner to Calgary's marginalized and poverty stricken. On a normal Sunday, on average 433 men, women, and children enter a hall, sit and consume 663 plates of food and 140L of milk by 100 volunteers.

Today, 15 volunteers gather Sunday morning to make lunch bags that 3 staff distribute them at the door without allowing anyone to enter the hall (not even to use the bathroom). The last 2 Sundays, an average of 490 lunches were distributed to anyone in need.

Normally, we pride ourselves on offering a meal in an atmosphere of family, dignity, respect and safety but under today's circumstances, we can only offer the very basics of food security with this lunch bag to our guests that can be eaten sitting or standing and inside or out.

Normally, we rely on individuals, service groups, and organizations to fund each Sunday but with the current health and economic crisis, they are cancelling their commitment to fund our Sunday meal.

We request your help to continue to offer this basic need during this unprecedented time. Please consider donating to this vital program in our community to give these people the basic necessity in life that they may not otherwise have each Sunday.