RARE Theatre

Registered Name: R.A.R.E. Theatre Company

Business Number: 841740830RR0001

RARE Theatre serves communities that have expressed a need to not only be recognized, but to effect systemic, radical change through the art of theatre. RARE reaches out and finds the theatre artists in those communities who wish to create work for the stage, either through documentary theatre (Rare, Borne) or plays created for the performers specifically using stories told in extensive workshops. (Wildfire, After the Blackout).

You have many worthy organizations asking for your support. Why us?

WELL, because we believe in employing artists whose communities have been invisible. We believe that their stories need to be heard, and we are dedicated to building a safe and welcoming space in order to collaborate with our artists to create the most potent and transformative theatre in the country.  

It would mean the world to us if you would subscribe to our theatre (raretheatre.org), so that we can make sure you get the very best seats whenever you wish and that we can include you in a newsletter outlining our workshops with artists, our rehearsal plans, the hiring of the team and more.

What People Are Saying

"When I first worked on the play of RARE which is a story about people with Down Syndrome, I felt very honoured to be in a professional play and to show and tell the world that we are people too and we can stand up for our rights and our beliefs. "

— Sarah Carney

"RARE and WILDFIRE are incredibly important plays that gave people with Down Syndrome and other developmental disabilities a voice. .. to be who they are, to say who they are in their own voice, and to have people listen to them."

— Karen Carney

"The writing and performing process I experienced working with RARE gave me the confidence I needed to write my own play. I felt good telling the world our deepest and darkest stories and then seeing that everyone could relate to my stories."

— Andreas Prinz

"Everyone at RARE Theatre company was really great at teaching and helping us create a unique piece of theatre. I learned a lot about myself and made some really great friends along the way and gained a huge amount of respect for live theatre"

— Russell Winkelaar

"I cherish every moment spent with my peers and staff from RARE. The chance to work and know Judith Thompson was a privilege. Without her artistic directions, I would not be able to share my life in such beautiful and powerful way."

— Nancy Xia

"I am proud to have been part of this cast and it was fun to be able to express ourselves on stage using different artistic forms like song and dance. I am Suzanne, I am a strong black woman, I am Wildfire!"

— Suzanne Love

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