Ratanak International

Registered Name: Ratanak International

Business Number: 894452796RR0001

Our Mission

Our mission is to see Cambodian people, once vulnerable, oppressed and exploited, living in Christian hope with dignity and with access to social services, health care and quality education.

About Ratanak International

Ratanak means 'Precious Gem' in Cambodian, and was the name of a baby girl our founder Brian McConaghy tragically watched dying due to a lack of basic medical aid in a video he was shown in 1989. Since then Ratanak International has been working exclusively in Cambodia and is dedicated to bringing hope to a society that would have saved this girl.

We fund projects across Cambodian society which include literacy, medical and elder care programs. We have helped build schools, and hospitals. We fund projects that support AIDS victims, orphans and drug addicts.

Since 2004 Ratanak International has also been working on the front lines in Cambodia rescuing and rehabilitating victims of child abuse. To tackle this immense problem we work in four key areas: prevention, rehabilitation, reintegration and community transformation.

The picture in Cambodia is often dark, yet through compassion for this country we are finding great hope and even joy in the work we do.

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