Ravenswood Cemetery


Business Number: 892968645RR0001

The physical location is 7400 Lakeshore Road, Lambton Shores, ON N0N 1J3

The earliest grave in the cemetery is from 1863 and a good number of the lots in Ravenswood Cemetery were purchased prior to the 1970's at a time when the cost of a lot was extremely inexpensive. Prior to the 50's a plot (8 lots) was sold for ten dollars. In later years the cost increased slightly with a portion of that cost going for Perpetual Care. In the 80's and 90's the cost of a lot increased accordingly; however at this time, forty percent of the cost has to be placed in an account for Perpetual Care. The interest in this account is sent to us yearly to use for the upkeep of the cemetery. Unfortunately this is a meager amount totaling no more than $300.00 a year which pales in contrast to our yearly cost of maintenance of the grounds and graves which fluctuates yearly depending on the weather. Grass cutting alone runs from $3000.00 - $4500.00.   We do NOT receive any funding from the Municipality of Lambton Shores. The past two years have seen repairs being made to several of the older stones.  This, as you can imagine, has been a costly undertaking. Also, in order to keep our charitable status, a certain amount must be spent each year on upkeep.

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