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Reach Beyond Canada


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Reach Beyond Canada (formerly HCJB) uses media and healthcare to reach our world in need. We Refuse to just stand by. Help us help OTHERS.

Reach Beyond Canada


Our Mission

Empowering dynamic media and healthcare ministries that declare and demonstrate Jesus Christ. 

About Reach Beyond Canada

Reach Beyond Canada is an ENABLING Mission. Frequently we work in partnership with others here in Canada and abroad to accomplish the work.

Reach Beyond Canada, since 1931 and formerly named (HCJB Global) until January 2014, has had the passion and determination to make disciples of Jesus Christ by reaching the UNREACHED in Canada and beyond. Through the practical tools of media (Reach Beyond Canada voice) and healthcare (Reach Beyond Canada hands) the mission is touching the lives of believers around the world.

Local believers are being equipped to impact their communities and the world as missionaries, pastors, broadcasters and healthcare providers.

Together with our partners, radio stations have been established in more than 350 communities in more than 100 countries, broadcasting in more than 120 languages and dialects.

Christ-centered healthcare through hospitals, clinics and community development programs is touching thousands of lives by addressing physical, psychological and spiritual needs.

Spending of funds is confined to board approved programs and projects. Projects listed on this web-site are board approved. Each restricted contribution designated towards a board approved program or project will be used as designated with the understanding that when the need for such a program or project has been met, or cannot be completed for any reason determined by the board, the remaining restricted contributions designated for such program or project will be used where needed most.


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