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2023 Gift of Speech

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2023 Gift of Speech

Help children reach their potential this Holiday Season! Your gift of $75 will fund a session of direct intervention speech therapy and donations in any denomination help provide communication assistive technology. 

REACH Gift of Speech 2023 funds therapy sessions to help children with complex needs communicate. This year, we share the progress of three year old Cruz, pictured with REACH SLP Joanne. In the video below, Cruz is imitating single words and 2-word phrases and using a communication app called TouchChat to initiate requests. Cruz understands language well but has needed support to imitate speech and express himself verbally. He has a very strong visual memory and has benefitted from pairing sounds and words with visuals such as pictures, gesture cues and watching how the mouth forms words. He has come so far in such a short time.

His mom Ray Win says "Cruz has come along from having no sounds to having all these sounds and words. We are very grateful for speech language therapy services.”

Research shows that the majority of speech and language development happens in the first 6 years of life. Early intervention is key to helping children develop effective communication skills. At Reach Child and Youth Development Society, Speech Language Pathologists not only work directly with children but also with their families, helping each family find functional strategies to help support their child’s communication skills.

Your donation to the REACH gift of speech makes a lifelong difference in what children can achieve