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REACH Gift of Speech 2019

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REACH Gift of Speech 2019

Early identification of speech, language and hearing disorders is essential for improvement and recovery because these difficulties can have a cascading effect on the rest of a child's life. By supporting REACH Gift of Speech, you will help children at a critical time in their development, making a lasting difference in their lives. 

In our video, 4 year old Parvaan is learning from REACH Speech Language Pathologist Katie Scozzafava. Parvaan is having difficulty being understood by his family and peers, creating problems making friends and following school routines. 

Parvaan is already making significant gains with early intervention speech therapy. However, there are wait lists for this intervention because of lack of funding and receiving this help as early as possible is key. 

Help us make a life-long difference in children's lives by donating to REACH Gift of Speech this Holiday Season. A gift of $55 will fund an hour of Speech Therapy. This year's goal is  $13,750 and will remove 25 children from wait lists to receive the help they need. Thank you for considering a donation!