Reaching for Rainbows

Registered Name: Reaching for Rainbows Children's Program

Business Number: 704599513RR0001

In 2011 Prince Edward County announced that 37% of the children in this community were deemed to be at risk. Reaching for Rainbows was created to combat these statistics. Every year we welcome 30 six-to-nine year old girls into our program to coach and guide them to a new vision of themselves. The girls, who are recommended to us by local schools and social agencies, have been chosen because they are the children most likely to remain trapped in a web of vulnerability.

Unlike other children's programs that are kind of like fast food, Reaching for Rainbows is more like a gourmet feast. We take our girls under our wing when they are six and they remain with us until they are nine, attending our program four afternoons a week for eight months of the year. We build the girls skills through play, mentored by three amazing staff and a team of about 25 passionate volunteers. Although we weave lessons into everything we do, our main focus is to give our girls a sense of belonging. Research dramatically demonstrates that a feeling of belonging is key to all success.

Reaching for Rainbows is free to the girls who attend. Our program is not funded in any way except through the generosity of the people who believe that children can be rescued from vulnerability if they are loved. And that's what we do at Rainbows. We love them.

What People Are Saying

"Reaching for Rainbows has been a game-changer for both of my daughters."

— Mom of Two of Our Reaching for Rainbows Girls

"Reaching for Rainbows has helped over 200 young girls, six to nine years old, who often come into the program feeling bullied, stressed, anxious and fearful. The girls leave the program feeling empowered, with a greatly improved sense of self-esteem and enhanced academic skills. "

— Prince Edward County Mayor Steve Ferguson

"Before I come to Rainbows nobody talk to me. At Rainbows everybody talk to me. I have friends."

— One of Our Reaching for Rainbows Girls

"The volunteers take really good care of us and do crafts with us. They really care about us. I feel safe here."

— One of Our Reaching for Rainbows Girls

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