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Registered Name: REALM Ripplinger, Ehmann and Laborde, Mang Foundation Inc.

Business No: 859573354RR0001

REALM believes each person deserves to direct their own destiny and to be able to guide his or her life in a way that is most meaningful.



Our Mission

REALM is a non-profit organization that supports people with high physical disabilities and their families to plan, develop and maintain their own community based networks of support.

We believe that individuals with high levels of physical disabilities have the right to direct and self-determine their own lives. We believe that all people are valued and belong; everyone should have the opportunity to share their unique gifts and abilities. We believe lives are enriched through the power of connection. We will work respectfully and gently to create safe networks so that trusting relationships can be built. We will support people in developing healthy relationships through networks to enrich their lives and the lives of all the network members.

About Our Charity

In 1990, 2 mothers met.  Each was living with a child with a high physical disability. Each knew there wasn't much support for children with high physical disabilities or their families beyond institutional living. Each knew that her child deserved a place in the world and that her child had something special to offer. Each knew she couldn't do it alone. Fast forward to 2008 and the result is REALM.

REALM was founded to help people of all ages with a high physical disability and their families live the life they determine through the power of networks. Each individual is at the center of his or her network; we call them Centres. Each Centre has a Facilitator who assists in building and maintaining a strong network. Network members are made up of volunteers that come together to help make a Centre's goals and dreams possible.

Goals and dreams are as varied as the Centres and have included independent living, working through support agency processes, communication or mobility issues, being physically active, going to movies, concerts or sporting events, or building stronger relationships.

REALM provides both human and financial support to each Centre.

Everyone needs a connection and REALM is committed to support and advocate for persons with high physical disabilities to live their best lives.


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