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Our Mission

Realwheels Society creates and produces performances that deepen audiences' understanding of disability.

We provide respectful and accurate representation of disability, with a vision for full integration of people with disabilites in the performing arts.  

We inspire audiences to embrace inclusion of disability onstage, and, even more importantly, offstage in the real world!

We’re also creating opportunities for a new generation of people with disabilities to participate in the performing arts.


Established in 2003 and founded by visionary James Sanders as a platform for authentic representation of disability, Realwheels has produced five professional theatrical productions, SKYDIVE, SPINE, WHOSE LIFE IS IT ANYWAY?, RE-CALCULATING, CREEPS, and SEQUENCE which together have been performed in 14 theatres across Canada to over 37,000 patrons.

Community Engagement is integral to our programming. We provide meaningful training and coaching to people with disabilities, thoroughly enriching experiences in the performing arts for participants and audiences alike.

We’ve produced eight community collaboration projects since 2007, often exploring daring territory.

In 2018, community participants engaged in a six-day intensive Wheel Voices Power Play, exploring dramatic situations from everyday life. We developed a rough and raw theatre piece that was shared in a public gathering, as audience members stepped in to help find solutions.

In 2017, we produced Comedy on Wheels: Celebrating Canada’s Birthday with Belly Laughs!  This original, creative, lively disability-inspired comedy variety show combined stand-up performances, sketch comedy, live music, projections, and fun surprises as Realwheels’ community cast tackled some of our sacred cows, along with a special guest comic star from the UK, Tanyalee Davis.

In 2016, we created and mounted a new production entitled SEXY-VOICES, exploring sexual identity from a disability perspective, with a playful, burlesque lens!

We thank you for your interest in Realwheels, and invite you to get involved. 

Please consider supporting artistic activity that deepens understanding of the lived experience of disability, and supports emerging artists with disabilities.  Thank you!

What People Are Saying

"It’s a stealth operation. I was watching Creeps, admiring the performances and considering the structure of the play when, all of a sudden, the emotional impact hit me and I was choking back sobs."

— Colin Thomas

"It renewed my faith in the power of theatre"

— Audience member (CREEPS)

"Humour is a great way to express and share perspective on disability - I absolutely loved the show. "

— Audience member, Comedy on Wheels

"I am invisibly disabled and it made me joyful to see others more visible sharing their humour and talent."

— Audience member, Comedy on Wheels

"Wheel Voices has ignited a passion for drama that I never knew I had. The show also gave the community a greater insight into the lives of people with disabilities, and made it clear to mainstream society that the disabled do in fact have a voice."

— Community cast participant, Wheel Voices to the Max!

"I have benefited from participation in Realwheels’ community theatre projects, for their educational and expressive opportunities, and I've witnessed the clear benefits to others participating. The projects are community-building and validating."

— Community Cast member (Wheel Voices to the Max, SexyVoices)

"“Seeing a play where the subject matter intersected with the notion of disability was super interesting. I loved the cast, the dialogue and the set! Thank you!”"

— Audience member: SEQUENCE

"“Every time I see a Realwheels show I feel like the stigma around disability, particularly that it can hinder one, is diminished.”"

— Audience member: SEQUENCE

"“I have come to realize that disability is such a complex subject, with no simple solution in terms of inclusion. Sometimes well-intentioned actions have outcomes that are so different from what you would expect.”"

— Audience member: WHEEL VOICES POWER PLAY

"“The scenarios were real and unique. I was able to look at each from various perspectives. An enlightening experience!”"

— Audience member: WHEEL VOICES POWER PLAY

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