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REAson d'etre dance productions

Registered Name: Reason d'être Dance Productions

Business No: 842034654RR0001

REAson d'etre dance productions


Our Mission

REAson d’etre dance productions believes in inspiring people through contact dance improvisation and dance/theatre. We create, produce and program dance works on stage and in film. We explore current themes in a manner that enables people to benefit from the enlivening and thought-provoking powers of expression through movement. We tell inter-generational stories that represent the current theme in the world. We strive for a high level of community engagement through classes, jams, and all-level performance opportunities. We believe that every “body” can dance, and we work to increase the accessibility of the dance arts in Canada. Alongside producing professional work, we encourage and support the everyday person in becoming artists.

What is Contact Dance Improvisation?

Contact dance improvisation is a social dance involving touch, in which momentum between two or more people is used to create and inspire dance movements. The dance form is practiced with or without music. Techniques include rolling point of contact, balancing over a partner’s centre of gravity, following momentum, and “listening” with one’s skin surface. Contact dance improvisation is accessible to people with no previous dance training and to people with physical disabilities.

About REAson d'etre dance productions


- Production of dance-works, film, and festivals- Community outreach through workshops, classes, and dance jams

- Mentoring of emerging artists

- Educate the public about dance/theatre and the creative process through events such as audience creator chats that allow the public to meet and learn from REAson d'etre dance productions' artists

- Programs that ensure that dance is accessible




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