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Our Mission

We are a Canadian non-profit organization that offers support and networking opportunities to adults who have survived childhood cancer.

Many of our members are living with side effects of their treatment that has resulted in some physical impairment and reduced employment possibilities.

By bringing survivors together through regular social gatherings,our members are connecting with one another and enjoying friendships not found elsewhere.

Rebounders currently have regular programs for survivors through chapters in the Toronto and Ottawa areas, an annual national gathering and a newsletter for rebounders throughout Canada.

We welcome new members and chapters and strive to create more opportunities for member interaction, personal growth and happiness.


Rebounders Canada was founded by Andrew Sprawson at the age 29. Andrew survived a brain tumour at age 10, but the side effects of his treatment made employment difficult and his life increasingly isolated.

Andrew set out to find other childhood cancer survivors. By providing his own contact information, Andrew's recruitment worked in reverse: he asked cancer survivors to find him! He found that fellow childhood cancer survivors were experincing the same problems of isolation. By 1990, Andrew knew it was time to form an official group. He seized upon the name "Rebounders" to reflect the strength of the survivors' rebounding back to life after staring death in the face. The group's motto became "Thrive, not just survive".

The inspirational story of Andrew's drive to improve the live of fellow survivors continues on our website. Please visit our site to learn more about our programs for adult survivors of childhood cancer and how it can benefit you or one you love.

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