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#FORMingOurFuture - Empower the next generation of movement-on-screen artists!

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#FORMingOurFuture - Empower the next generation of movement-on-screen artists!

As we move into our 8th annual festival, there continues to be an increased demand for supporting youth and emerging artists in the development and creation of movement-based films. This year, we received over 80 applications to our Commissioning Programs and are excited about the potential for further growth, inspiring more creators to get curious about the interplay between the camera and movement!

We see the community recognizing the immense value and potential of movement-on-screen, and we’re finding new ways to continue supporting youth and emerging artists. We’re dreaming of a future where youth filmmakers are thriving, and we need your help to get there. As our community of creators grows, we want to grow in our ability to support them and their work. 

Help us raise our goal of $4500 by the end of this year!. Each donation provides opportunities for youth and emerging filmmakers by covering:

Commissioning Costs: Nurturing New Visions

One of our core objectives is to nurture the next generation of creative voices. We commission both local and national youth and emerging artists to embark on inspiring new projects via our Commissioning Fund Program, Mini Commissions, and Technology and Interaction Artist in Residence Program. From thought-provoking films to captivating installations, your support will help us to continue laying the foundation for innovation. 

Cost breakdown:

  • Commissioning Fund Program: 3k for 6 artists, as well as 1.5k of in-kind equipment and space support from partner organizations (18k total for commission fee, 9k for in kind support)
  • Mini Commissions: $500 for 10 artists (5k total)
  • Tech and Interaction: 3.5k for two years (7k total over 2 yrs)
  • That’s 30k to actualize a year!

Mentorships: Cultivating Artistic Growth

Mentorship lies at the heart of our organization's ethos. As a donor, your support plays a pivotal role in fostering connections between established professionals and commissioned artists. This invaluable exchange of knowledge and guidance empowers emerging talent, propelling their careers forward. 

Cost Breakdown:

  • Each commissioned artist is connected with at least one mentor within the professional movement and/or film industry, and can spend up to 10hrs with their mentor(s). This cost totals $6000 every year 

Workshop Facilitation: Enabling Lifelong Learning

Education is woven throughout our festival. Through tailored workshops, our commissioned artists dive deeper into the art of filmmaking, enhancing their craft and expanding their creative horizons. Our commitment to accessibility is realized through free workshops offered during the festival. Your support allows us to provide these enriching opportunities, fostering a community that thrives on learning, collaboration, and growth.

Cost Breakdown:

  • We host a total of 6 workshops for both commission programs. During the festival, we host our annual FORMations 4-hr film and movement workshop, as well as another workshop led by a commissioned artist. These costs total $6000.

Screening Fees: Amplifying Artistic Voices

Every year, we carefully curate a selection of around 30 short films from local, national, and international artists. These captivating works invite audiences into a world of boundless imagination and creative expression. To ensure that artists receive fair compensation for their contributions, we go beyond industry standards by paying above CARFAC rates, a benchmark for equitable compensation. Your donation directly fuels this endeavour, enabling us to showcase diverse perspectives and honour the dedication of talented creators.

Cost Breakdown:

  • Each artist receives a fee between $250-$400 (around 10k total). Fees are dependent on which program they are selected for (cinema screenings, public screens, online screening etc..) 

Help us meet our 2023 #FORMingOurFuture Benchmarks!

$3000 by October 6th will support one commissioned film.

$3500 by November 1st will help support screening fees.

$4000 by November 30th will support staff/artist mentorships.

$4500 by December 31st will help support workshop facilitation costs.

Donor Appreciation

Your support helps us continue expanding our programming so that we’re able to offer more opportunities for youth and emerging artists to develop their creative voices. At F-O-R-M, youth aren't the exception, they're the rule. Your support will celebrate and recognize them for the change-makers they are and we want to celebrate you in return!

**All donations made before November 25th will be entered into a draw to receive F-O-R-M swag!**

Bonus entries!

Donate $25+ and your name will be entered 3x.

Donate $50+ and your name will be entered 5x.

Donate $100+ and your name will be entered 10x.