Recycling Council of Ontario


Business Number: 119112118RR0001

Recycling our foundation. Advancing the circular economy our goal. Waste reduction and low carbon economies our results.

Recycling Council of Ontario supports business models that maintain and expand the value of resources across entire supply and value chains. How do we do it?

We advocate for policies and regulations that shift markets. We pilot ideas and develop programs that provide ideas and know-how. We encourage and empower circular production and consumption behaviour.

The approach in doing so is to build on our foundation to meet our goals and be nimble. That’s why we provide the right tools, resources, and recognition that celebrates results and best practices. We uncover cutting-edge thinking that offers evidence and informs outcomes. We share knowledge through multi-stakeholder forums.

Our current focuses: helping the commercial sector reduce food waste and increase food security; developing policy that support results, including disposal bans of food and food waste; kickstarting public sector procurement that advances the circular economy; and most importantly, leading the chorus to better manage and phase-out single-use plastic waste for businesses, governments, and Canadians from coast to coast to coast.

Specifically, we have our 3RCertified and Take Back the Light programs that support businesses and their path to greater sustainability. We lead the annual and national Waste Reduction Week in Canada campaign that celebrates all the good things individuals and organizations are doing to support greater resource efficiency and the circular economy.

Most importantly, we know that youth are our future and want to inspire the next generation of environmental champions. Our Plastic Bag Grab Challenge encourages and showcases elementary schools to create ideas and solutions that reduce the amount of single-use plastic bags lost to disposal. The #IGiveAShirt Challenge has high schools take action on textiles waste, and provides a hands-on learning on the environmental impacts of clothing consumption, fast fashion, and textiles waste.

Since 1978 we have been Ontario’s leading charity solely dedicated to waste reduction and recycling. The work has only begun, and we appreciate your support for ours.

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