Red Deer Food Bank Society


Business Number: 107878811RR0001

Red Deer Food Bank Mission Statement, Principles and Vision

Mission Statement:

Acknowledging the disparity on the availability of resources among Canadians and recognizing that while food banks will be needed in the foreseeable future, they are only a temporary response for those living in poverty.

This mission will be delivered while believing in these principles:

  1. We believe we have an obligation to meet human needs and do it in a way that preserves and enhances the dignity of the individual.
  2. We believe in the principle of sharing
  3. We believe that access to proper nutrition is a  fundamental human right
  4. We believe that those elected or appointed to positions of authority have a responsibility for the well being of those they govern
  5. We believe that food supplies should be used to their optimum potential.


Vision Statement:

Work-in together in Central Alberta – sharing food with people in need.

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