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Every gift makes a difference. Be a part of the evolution of contemporary Indigenous arts and culture.

Our mandate is to create inspiring experiences of contemporary Indigenous arts and culture.

We know you care about the potential of contemporary Indigenous arts and leadership in this country. Our unique company inspires artists to push boundaries, realize their creative potential, incite change and, in turn, make powerful contributions to society.

Red Sky Performance is mentoring the next generation of artists through our Associate Artists program. This new initiative provides opportunities for artists in performance, dance, theatre, music, multi-and-interdisciplinary training, integrated leadership, community connections, and cultural advocacy.

Our highly transformative program strengthens the next generation artists as young leaders and teachers, contributing to the future leadership capacity of Indigenous arts.

About Red Sky Performance

Red Sky Performance is a leading company of contemporary Indigenous performance in Canada and worldwide.

Our mission is to create inspiring experiences of contemporary Indigenous arts and culture that transform society. We create, produce, and tour original work to expand the ecology of contemporary Indigenous performance.

Now in our 19th year, we drive our passion forward and elevate Indigenous arts and culture in ways that celebrate, uplift, and respect Indigenous culture.

We are dedicated to working with emerging and established artists as they hone their artistic practice, particularly through an Indigenous lens, offering unique opportunities for these practitioners to thrive creatively and professionally.

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