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Every gift makes a difference. Be a part of the Red Sky community and contemporary Indigenous performing arts and culture.

Our mandate is to create inspiring experiences of contemporary Indigenous arts and culture.

We know you care about the potential of contemporary Indigenous arts and leadership in this country. Our unique company inspires artists to push boundaries, realize their creative potential, incite change and, in turn, make powerful contributions to society.

Red Sky Performance is hoping to set up a collaborative place for learning and innovation through our Associate Artists program. This new initiative will provide opportunities for collaborating artists in performance, dance, theatre, music, multi-and-interdisciplinary training, public speaking, integrated leadership, community connections, arts administration, touring and cultural advocacy.

Our highly transformative program will not only strengthen artists, but also develop them as young leaders and teachers, contributing to the overall leadership capacity of Indigenous arts. We believe that the experience of arts can move people, transform people, and put people in touch with the best parts of our humanity. 

The Associate Artists we would like to invite to participate in this program are: Jera Wolfe (Metis), Samantha Brown (Anishinaabe), Eddie Elliott (Maori), and Julie Pham (Vietnamese).

About Red Sky Performance

Internationally renowned, Red Sky Performance is a leading company of contemporary Indigenous performance in Canada and worldwide. Our multi-award winning company was founded in 2000 by Artistic Director Sandra Laronde of the Teme-Augama-Anishinaabe (People of the Deep Water).

Our mandate is to create inspiring experiences of contemporary Indigenous arts and culture.

We create, produce and disseminate new creations and events that illuminate themes, aesthetics and values of importance to Indigenous peoples.

We have garnered an international reputation for collaborating on landmark projects with some of the most prestigious artists and companies from around the globe.

Touring since 2003, we have delivered 1,736 performances across Canada and 178 international performances in 12 countries on four continents.

We continue to significantly influence the artistic evolution and innovation of contemporary Indigenous performance in Canada and around the world.

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