Redeemer Lutheran, Toronto


Business Number: 107879249RR0001

At Redeemer you can find a spirit of unity and a commitment to the needs of others. Are you looking for a place to center your life? A place to belong? To make a contribution? Meet people with whom you can make a difference in the world? Come and give a new shape to your life. We cherish a community in which everyone matters and have an understanding of grace that includes all people. Our Red Doors are open to you.

Yes, we do more than the expected church land things. Here’s a few of the unexpected.

  • We’ve made buckets of vegetarian soup. Every Friday, between November and April our volunteers cook and deliver over 100 servings to the Out of the Cold soup kitchen. Twice each season we provide the full meal: salad, soup, 2 mains, hot and cold beverages, desert and popcorn for the movie.
  • Redeemer hosts the Giving Garden on our property while community volunteers annually produce and donated hundreds of kilos of produce and bouquets of herbs from it to local food banks and community agencies.
  • Participate in Doors Open Toronto welcoming visitors into the chapel and its gardens.
  • First community education series, Finding Life in Grief, Death and Dying, including guest presenters, three conversations, a film and a Spirit Songs event focused on the music of Nick Cave.
  • Started 7kings, a weekly after school chess group for youth (G3-6) in the hood.
  • Initiated A Place at the Table, an abbreviated Thursday evening alternative to Sunday worship followed by a hearty meal.
  • As part of a consortium of three churches and a mosque we’ll be welcoming a refuge family of five from Pakistan.

We know it is part of our calling to make of this old world a new world. This is why in early 2019, we stepped out in faith way beyond what many would deem as comfortable. We, for the first time in over 30 years called a full-time pastor so that we could expand our mission by interacting and engaging the community and neighbours around us.

As a small diverse church within 100m of the Keele Subway Station, Redeemer is a place where you can come to belong and do. Together we’ll work on efforts that matter, support each other, and respond to the spirit that calls us.

The programs we deliver are funded through the generous support of neighbours, family, friends and like-minded individuals who share our values. With that generous support our small congregation of nearly 50 households makes positive impact in the lives of individuals and the greater community surrounding us.

Thank you for your time and investment. We are grateful and appreciate your generosity.

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