Redefin'd Young Adult Empowerment Centre

Registered Name: Redefin'd Young Adult Empowerment Centre

Business Number: 789045481RR0001

"I've worked for about 10 years in 15 different corporate fields. By the age of 26, I became a widow. 

With no courage or passion for life, I felt stuck. At Redefin'd there is no corporate ladder to climb. The only ladder is your own personal growth and goals.

At Redefin'd slow progress is still progress. I can take a mental health day and share my story without fear of repercussions. Most jobs you don't make friends, here we connect like a family.

Redefin'd means you can ask for a hug or you can sing and someone will sing along with you. It's a redirection of the mind. A new unseen path never thought possible.

Now a year later after starting Redefin'd, confidence and compassion are staples in my life. It's more than a trauma recovery and survivor program it's a redefinition of one's life.

Redefin'd Graduate

Why We're Different

Redefin’d is a therapeutic community for young people 18-30 who are navigating the symptoms of trauma: mental illness, addictions, homelessness and previous incarceration.

Young people participate in work projects that are hands-on and creative. This meaningful work strengthens recovery, creating a sense of self-confidence, and purpose. Participation in the community generates real-life interactions with other people and mainstream society, giving them a safe space to gradually reintegrate.

Redefin'd is an innovative solution to healing trauma, and reclaiming the potential of at-risk young people. We can nurture healthy productive adults and contributing citizens.

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