Rediscovery International

Registered Name: Rediscovery International Foundation

Business Number: 890747983RR0001

Our Mission

“Drawing on the teachings of Indigenous peoples and the wisdom of the Elders, with a philosophy of love and respect for each other and the earth, Rediscovery seeks to empower youth of all ages to discover the world within themselves, the world between cultures and the natural world”.

About Rediscovery International

"With the world’s population (increasing 2.7 people/second) putting unprecedented demands on finite resources and testing the limits of human tolerance, and with the majority of humanity now residing in cities - more detached from Nature than ever before, the vision we’ve set for ourselves can often feel overwhelming. Helping youth “of all ages” discover the world within themselves, the cultural differences between people and the natural world around them. We have chosen for ourselves some rather all encompassing, and some might say too “pie-in-the-sky”, lofty goals. The amazing reality, however, is that we’re actually doing what we first set out to do: we’re changing lives for the better.

Look around you in your Rediscovery community and you will find at least one person whose life has become better because of their Rediscovery experience. Good which comes into the world from even one life changed for the better must never be underestimated."

Thom Henley

Rediscovery Founder

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