Registered Name: REEL CANADA

Business Number: 850892365RR0001

REEL CANADA is an initiative of members of our national film and television industry whose mandate is to introduce students, including ESL learners, to the power and diversity of Canadian film and engage them in a conversation about what it means to be Canadian. To do this, REEL CANADA organizes day-long film festivals programmed by the students themselves from a curated selection of features, documentaries, animated programs and shorts. Special guest speakers such as actors, directors and other prominent personalities present the films and take part in Q & As afterwards. We also have a number of educational resources available, designed to help teachers use Canadian film as a tool for learning in a number of subject areas. Our programming is delivered in both English and French, and we strive to represent the strong sense of diversity in great Canadian content. Visit for more info.

What People Are Saying

"REEL CANADA has always been an incredible way to introduce new generations to the cinematic tradition of this country. To watch it grow over the past ten years has proven that young Canadians have as much of an appetite to see these films as we always hoped. "

— Atom Egoyan, filmmaker

"REEL CANADA is an idea so brilliantly realized, it instantly gained the support of the film community. I am a part of REEL CANADA because I believe it has the power to change the future."

— Colm Feore, actor

"It was interesting to know that a Canadian movie star that’s known around the world actually took the time to talk to us. This too made me feel proud to be Canadian. Thank you. "

— Grade 11 student, Colonel Gray HS, Charlottetown

"It helps immigrants to understand better about Canada. We belong here. It is good to know our own movies. "

— Afghan ESL student, Bow Valley College, Calgary

"REEL CANADA allows us to see good Canadian movies which inspire pride and passion for future Canadian filmmakers to create movies in and about Canada. "

— Grade 12 student, Riverdale CI, Toronto

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