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Reep Green Solutions

Registered Name: Waterloo Region Green Solutions

Business No: 815852348RR0001

We help you live sustainably. Your local environmental organization for 20 years.

Reep Green Solutions


Reep Green Solutions is an environmental charity that helps people live sustainably.

Something major shifted in our world the day the United Nations released their game-changing climate change report in 2018. The headlines were scary and we felt small and insignificant in rising to the tremendous task by 2030.

So, at Reep, we developed our plan to help our community take action and adapt to the changes in climate that we’re already seeing. We launched our ambitious climate action goal: By 2030, people impacted by Reep Green Solutions have taken 10,000 meaningful actions to collectively shift our community to a resilient, low carbon future. 

Our goal of implementing 10K meaningful actions (#10KActionsTogether) is one big step for our community towards the resilient, low carbon future we're all striving for.

All donations this year will be matched by a generous donor family, meaning your impact will be doubled - to a maximum of $7,500!

Any gift doubles the impact to help communities increase flood resilience, plant trees, conserve water and reduce our household carbon footprints. We're here to support you on your sustainability journey, whether you're well on your way, or just getting started. Together, we are making a difference!


20 Mill St.

Kitchener, ON, N2M 2J6

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