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Mission Statement: Christian Courier (CC) is an independent biweekly newspaper that seeks to engage creatively in critical Christian journalism, connecting Christians with a network of culturally savvy partners in faith to inspire all to participate in God’s renewing work with his creation.

Thanks to a crew of faithful part-time and contract employees, CC produces its 20-page Reformed newspaper every two weeks (20 issues a year). Under the leadership of editor Angela Reitsma Bick and her gifted group of editors and writers, CC’s redemptive journalism ministry provides a trustworthy Reformed source of news, views and Kingdom clues to its subscribers.

In 2016, CC hired its first development manager and is actively seeking new forms of outreach and promotions to increase its revenue streams and sustainability. Donations account for approximately 10 percent of current revenue and are integral to CC’s existence.

“Our Christian Courier Board was ahead of its time years ago when they decided to set up the newspaper as a charity,” says Reitsma Bick. “It has enabled CC to obtain generous donations at a time when important Christian publications have been forced to close down.”

Why Support Us Now? The faith-based media landscape is shrinking. “Fake news” and alternative facts proliferate. There is an overwhelming amount of news content readily available online. Help us continue to be a trusted, independent source of faith-based journalism in your life and the lives of others.

What People Are Saying

"Christian Courier is a forward-looking periodical that sees Christ’s redemption extending to all of life. Whether the story is overseas persecution, the migrant crisis in Europe, aboriginal issues or the larger Canadian church, CC is there to cover it with thoughtful, Christ-centred analysis."

— Dr. David Koyzis, author

"I greatly appreciate Christian Courier, an independent Christian publication with a vital role in our circle (society). With the younger generation at the helm, it gives me hope and courage, their enthusiasm, ideas and energies making a difference."

— Evert Wassink, long-time subscriber

"The paper has a lustre that is fresh and serious, but also joyful. "

— Calvin Seerveld, Professor Emeritus, Institute for Christian Studies

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