Refuge for cats (Verdun)


Business Number: 897823720RR0001

Refuge for cats (Verdun)

Our no-kill shelter offers personalized, quality service. All of our cats are housed with foster families, which enables us to know more about their personalities and better monitor their health. We offer a 30-day post-adoption guarantee. We do our best to find the best possible match between each individual cat and each individual adopter because a harmonious adoption is for life!

Our Mission

We are a non-profit organisation founded in 1999, managed by volunteers with the main goal: to protect all cats and to promote care of cats; to care, vaccinate et sterilize homeless cats and reduce surpopulation in the Verdun area; organise adoption days to give a second chance to abandonned cats.

About Our Charity

The Refuge for cats (Verdun) is a non-profit organization composed of volunteers who share the same passion: a love of cats. The refuge does not have a fixed location where it keeps and cares for cats awaiting adoption: they are all placed in volunteers foster families who look after them until they are adopted.

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