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Our Mission

Helping Canadians connect with the World


ReGen Community Development Foundation’s mission is to be a catalyst in order to

support Canadians in their efforts to assist and empower less fortunate communities in

the majority world.


The Vision of ReGen Community Development Foundation is to see Canadians learning, serving and intentionally partnering to express the love of God among the less fortunate communities in the world by meeting practical needs.

Imagine ...

... individuals from our Canadian mosaic seeking the mind of God as they reflect on new ways of connecting with friends in the developing world in order to make an impact.

... coming along side of a proven leader in the developing world in whom God has placed a particular vision in order to help that person be successful in addressing the particular issues they are facing in their corner of the world.

... a learning community of global Christians characterized by shared problem solving, collegiality, the exchange of ideas and resources in an atmosphere that honors God and can be replicated in various parts of the world.

... the development an emerging movement of spiritually alert and globally aware Christians who effectively contribute to the birth and growth of authentic communities of faith around the world.

... all of this being spawned by a grass root movement of Christians seeking to find their voice and use their gifts and skills in Canada and around the world.



ReGen seeks to foster catalytic initiatives through the pursuit of specific ends. To that end ...

1. ReGen is known for assisting and developing proven leaders of partnering organizations as they seek to become all that God has created them to be in service to their communities.

2. ReGen empowers a new generation of Canadians eager to champion collaborative projects with world partners by encouraging networks and strategic alliances.

3. ReGen provides comprehensive in-country assessments of a project using Canadians with the necessary skills to assist partnering organizations in developing sustainable plans that set and maintain standards of accountability and integrity.

4. ReGen is know as an organization that assists stakeholders (churches, businesses and individuals) in the task of nurturing globally engaged disciples that internationalize their churches and/or organizations.

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