Early Learning Centre (ELC)


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Our Mission

The Regina Early Learning Centre is a Child and Family Development Centre which works cooperatively with low income families to provide programs that foster the healthy development of children from prenatal to five years of age.


Preschool - This program is a child centred, culturally sensitive program. It uses a structured play approach to foster holistic development and builds foundations for language and learning skills. Transportation is provided. Enrollment is 96 children.

Parents as Teachers (PAT) - This program strengthens and supports the parent/child bond. It is available to families with children from birth to three years of age. Children may remain in the program after they turn three until they are ready to enter the preschool program. A prenatal component is available. Enrollment is up to 60 children.

KidsFirst - A voluntary program which offers needed support to vulnerable families and their children from the prenatal stage through age five. Home Visiting is a key component of this program.

Family Outreach and Support - Offers a wide variety of programs aimed at supporting and strengthening families. These include parenting, family literacy and family support. All parents are invited and encouraged to participate in programs. Childcare and transportation are provided. A small number of family facing multiple challenges receive more intensive support.

Early Years Family Resource Centre - In April 2017, the EYFC became part of the Regina Early Learning Centre.  Available to all families with young children, the EYFC offers drop in Play and Learn Spaces in three locations (Dr. Hanna School, Sacred Heart School and St. Matthew School. As well as the drop in play space, a number of programs are offered each month.  For more info

The Regina Perinatal Health Network (RPHN)  -  A Network committed to creating easier access to treatment and support for women/birthing people in the community who are experiencing a Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorder (PMAD). Our goal is to act as a singular point of referral within our community (for members of the public & medical professionals) who are needing resources or support in building a recovery plan. We also work diligently to increase awareness and reduce stigma surrounding Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorders (PMAD’s), organize ongoing educational opportunities and resources for those who work with new families. Most importantly, we provide social support through our weekly support group (Online/ In-person) as well as one-on-one support during a private wellness session.

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