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Regina Folk Festival


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Keep our Daytime Programming Free!

Campaign Ended Aug. 12, 2018

Have you enjoyed the Daytime programming at the Regina Folk Festival this year? Did you know that all of our day stages are free to attend, and that we need your help to keep it that way?The Regina Folk Festival Inc. is a Charitable, Non-Profit organization whose purpose is to present accessible live music in the context of community-building opportunities year-round, whether this is at our Summer Festival, Winterruption, our Concert Series, or at our School Outreach Programming.

A large part of keeping this ideal alive is the free daytime programming offered at our Summer Festival. Currently, all of the Regina Folk Festival’s daytime stages offer exceptional performances, magical workshops, beautiful opportunities for our communities to gather, and are free to attend. We want our free daytime programming to stay that way, but we need your help to do it.

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