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RT21 - Great Canadien Giving Challenge 2024


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RT21 - Great Canadien Giving Challenge 2024

The Regroupement pour la Trisomie 21 is participating in the Great Canadian Giving Challenge once again this year. Throughout the month of June, every dollar paid to RT21 (minimum of $3 per transaction) gives us one more chance to win $10,000 for our Montréal Estival program.  

Montreal Estival is: 

- Varied activities in summer aimed at people aged 15 and over living with trisomy 21. - 8-week program allowing dozens of participants to discover the best of Montreal (museums, festivals, parks and much more) as well as to participate in thematic activities at our offices. Benefits of the program:  - Discover new activities and new passions - Develop a social network - Develop autonomy - Inclusion in the community and feeling of belonging - Stay active and break isolation - Develop adaptation skills - Respite for parents - Raise awareness among the general public during outings  - A lot of pleasure!