Renewed Computer Technology


Business Number: 875058828RR0001

Our Mission

Renewed Computer Technology (RCT) focuses on extending the life of technology and empowering young minds using environmentally sound processes. RCT provides a learning tool for developing the necessary skills for excelling in today's evolving global economy while offering a safe and cost-effective e-waste solution for our community.

About Renewed Computer Technology

Renewed Computer Technology (RCT) is a not-for-profit that empowers learners, educators and not-for-profits, locally and globally, with increased access to information communications technology, skills, services and learning opportunities, in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.

Our success is rooted in the continuous development of our core programs - Computers for Schools Ontario, Charities are ‘IT!’, Youth Work Transition and our Environmental Management Programs, and the added-value of their combined positive results.

Extending technology; empowering others with learning technologies and opportunities and environmental stewardship are the driving forces behind RCT. Visit

Computers for Schools, co-founded in 1993 by Industry Canada and the Telecom Pioneers, refurbishes computers and related equipment donated by governments and businesses.These computers are distributed across Canada to schools, libraries and not-for-profit learning organizations.

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