Pound Paws

Registered Name: Réseau Secours Animaux Pound Paws Animal Rescue Network Pound Paws

Business Number: 701528697RR0001

Our mission at Pound Paws is to save unwanted or abandoned pets - mainly cats and dogs - who find themselves in pounds and at risk of being euthanized.  Driven by the firm belief that ALL these animals deserve a chance at a loving home, our team of volunteers finds rescue organizations for these animals and arranges to get them from the pounds to safety. The pounds we partner with are located in Quebec (at least one of which still uses a gas chamber for euthanasia) and Ontario. The rescues we partner with are located across several provinces; dogs routinely travel to the Maritimes to get their second chance and have gone as far west as British Columbia.

 Your support will allow us to save those animals who:

  • Require veterinary care while at the pound, having arrived neglected, abused or sick
  • Require a medical diagnosis while at the pound so that safe transport can be arranged
  • Are out of time at the pound and need temporary boarding while a rescue or transport is found
  • Are injured and in danger of immediate euthanasia

Typically, we are able to save these animals at a moderate cost, allowing us to save hundreds of lives every year. However, some animals require urgent care or additional resources if we are to save their lives. We are asking for your help for those urgent cases. We have the connections and knowledge needed, as well as plenty of dedication, which we gladly throw daily into what we do!  Our aim is to save even more animals, which we will be able to do with your help. 

Please help us help animals like Tiger and ChanChan. Tiger found himself at one of the pounds we work with, along with his pet frog and severe separation anxiety.  ChanChan was found emaciated, covered in sores and suffering terrible pain from severe damage to his pads, most likely from frostbite. Their sad stories had a happy ending thanks to the generosity of people who are as passionate about helping animals as we are. 

We have saved thousands of animals since 2016. Every cent donated to Pound Paws will be sincerely appreciated and spent directly on our animals.  Please help us help them, as there is still a great need for improvement when it comes to the fate of animals who find themselves in pounds through no fault of their own.

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