Registered Name: Restorations Second Stage Homes

Business Number: 817614779RR0001

Restorations is a non-profit organization that exists to provide specialized, long term, holistic care for victims of commercial sexual exploitation in Canada.

The core of our work is building and nurturing trusting, long-term relationships between survivors of commercial sexual exploitation and staff, volunteers and the wider community. Our goal is to foster trusting, long-term relationships in order to establish a foundation for recovery, healing, empowerment and success.

Our residential recovery programs for victims of commercial sexual exploitation promote healing, wholeness, independence and family reunification by dealing with the issues in a holistic way.

Each resident is unique in their needs, desires and strengths. As such, programming is offered with a focus on individualized, strength-based practice where each resident is encouraged to dream within a supportive and caring environment staffed with individuals who have a passion for client-driven goal setting.

Victims and survivors of commercial sexual exploitation are in need of positive, long-term relationship building. There is no “quick and easy fix” for trauma recovery, and our programming is modelled with longevity and a commitment to long-term support in mind. Restorations strives to provide programming that is balanced in providing enough scheduled activities throughout the day for continued growth and development while also recognizing and respecting survivors’ needs for working at their own pace and time.

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