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Regional Animal Protection Society

Registered Name: Regional Animal Protection Society

Business Number: 890733777RR0001

Build Rabbit Habitat

Campaign Ended June 1, 2018

The Regional Animal Protection Society, which operates the City of Richmond Animal Shelter, has been informed by the B.C. Ministry of Agriculture that three rabbits who died in our care have tested positive for Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease.

The highly contagious, airborne virus meant that, to prevent the spread of the disease as well as for humane reasons, RAPS was obligated to euthanize the rabbits in our care.

We must also destroy every rabbit-related piece of infrastructure, supplies and equipment, and decontaminate the Shelter before reconstructing rabbit habitat.

We will recover from this tragic situation and, as soon as possible with public support, continue our work saving and improving the lives of rabbits and all animals in our community.

Your support during this time is urgently needed and deeply appreciated.

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